Cold Mix is a permeable surface that when it rains forms a seal that allows the water to go thru the material and disappates out of the bottom of the material. This makes it a great product for roadways with little or no drainage.

Cold mix is an open-graded asphalt base composed of aggregate and polymer-modified emulsified asphalt mixed into a uniformly, well coated mass. Cold mix is spread on a prepared sub-grade, compacted to the lines, grades, and thickness established by the owner agency.

Cold mix is compacted to 3″ on existing limerock roads.


Pavement candidates may be asphalt or concrete pavements in good structural condition with low surface distress, raveling and minor rutting. It’s well suited for:

  • Residential streets because of its deep black color that enhances the appeal of the neighborhood and a smooth surface that is conducive to biking and rollerblading.
  • County Dirt Roads
  • Previously Cold Mix Roadways