Chip Sealing

Chip seals are economical surface treatments designed to increase surface texture, skid resistance and prolong the life of pavement which is structurally sound but beginning to age and have minor surface distress. Long term pavement studies have shown chips seals to be one of the most cost effective methods of pavement preservation. The seal protects the underlying pavement from oxidation, aging and traffic wear.

Polymer modified emulsions, tighter specifications on the use of single size aggregate, inclusion of fiber glass fibers, crumb rubber additives, and new application equipment have all been recently developed to improve the construction and reliability of high performance chip seals and extend their use of high traffic roads.


Site Selection

Since chip sealing does not significantly increase structural capacity, the existing pavement must be structurally sound. Any moderate severity cracks or other distresses should be sealed and the surface should be cleaned prior to the treatment. The emulsion treatment is environmentally-friendly and safe for workers.

The treatment is ideal for:

  • Asphalt, concrete, pavement or dirt roads with loss of surface texture.

  • Preventative maintenance on aging pavements in good condition.


An asphalt emulsion is sprayed on the pavement then immediately covered by a single layer of uniformly sized chips. A double chip seal repeats the procedure using lower emulsion and application rates with a smaller chip size than the first.

Pricing Estimate*

Single Layer - $2.00 - $3.00/sq. yard
Double Layer - $3.50 - $4.50/sq. yard
*Pricing subject to change based on quantity and size of each project.


Chip Seal



Chip Seal